Points to Consider When Using 110 to 220 Voltage Adapter

You should know by now that different countries follow different electrical standards. The standard in the United States is 110 volts, while most countries in the Eastern Hemisphere run between 220 and 240 volts. Even plugs and wall sockets come in different styles and shapes.

You might wonder whether you need a voltage adapter 110 to 220 when you have a gadget that runs at 110 volts and plan to go to an Asian country where 220 volts is the norm. Here are some things to think about:

  • Adapters do not alter or convert voltage. You need a converter or transformer for that. An adapter is merely designed to establish a perfect connection between a device’s plug and the wall outlet.
  • There are countries with wall outlets that require a three-pronged, rounded, or rounded three-pronged plug. Do some research online to find out what types of wall outlets are used in your destination.
  • For dual-voltage devices such as most laptops and phones, you don’t need a converter. Most computers are now equipped with smart power supplies that can switch between 220 and 110 volts. But if the shape of the slots in the wall outlet and the shape of prongs of the plug of your gadget do not match, you need to get an adapter for your plug.

It is advisable to check the electrical requirements of the country that you are going to visit to determine whether you need to bring an adapter—and what type. 

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