Points to Consider Before Choosing the Right Wet & Dry Grinder

Working with concrete and stonework involves polishing surfaces, trimming materials down to size, and cleaning up rough edges. Electric grinders do a great job at all these functions. They take out the hard labor from manual polishing using hand tools. A good quality wet and dry grinder also provides an even smooth finish that is much more difficult to achieve manually. As such, grinders are a fabricator’s best friend for working with masonry, stone, and tiles.

Electric grinders can work with wet or dry sanding techniques and depending on your purpose, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the right tool for the job. Wet grinders are ideal for polishing and finishing rough stonework into a nice smooth surface. Water is used as a lubricant to keep the grinder surface running smoothly. It cools the grinding head at the same time to prevent charring or burn marks, which can be unsightly and may ruin the finish. Wet grinding, while it does not create dust, does produce a thick slurry that can be messy. It may not be ideal to use a wet grinder in a place where water may pose a problem, say in a general bench in your shed or shop.

Dry grinders can do the same work as a wet grinder, but hard grinding can create lots of friction and heat between the grinder head and the surface. This can reduce the performance of the grinder somewhat. Dry grinding produces a lot of dust, but can be easily managed using a vacuum system to suck up any airborne particles produced. It can be an ideal solution for small indoor workbenches and shops. Dry grinders are also great for quick touchups and repairs and can be used almost anywhere with minimal mess and cleanup afterwards.

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