PAL to NTSC Video Converter¬ – An Easy Way to Convert Videos

Have you ever been frustrated because you can’t play DVDs that came from Europe in your US-made television? That’s because the video formats and standards in the US is different from that of Europe. A PAL to NTSC video converter will let you convert video formats and play them in the US and in other NTSC regions.

Understanding PAL and NTSC

Phase Alternating Line (PAL) and National Television System Committee (NTSC) are two types of color encoding systems used by DVD players and broadcast televisions. NTSC is the standard format in the North America, Central America, parts of South America, Japan, and Korea. Meanwhile, most countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa follow the PAL format.

The two have different frame rates and aspect ratios. NTSC supports 30 fps and a 720×480 aspect ratio. PAL supports 25 fps and has a 720×576 aspect ratio. Aside from this, the two vary in terms of electrical power requirements. NTSC needs 60 hertz while PAL needs 50 hertz. These differences are the reasons why it is impossible to play PAL DVD or media in a NTSC supported television. This is why you need PAL to NTSC video converter.

How does a PAL to NTSC video converter works? The converter increases the number of resolution lines and frames of PAL videos so that they can be viewed in NTSC region. Just plug the converter to your television and it will automatically play the PAL videos.

If you want to convert different types of video formats, then buying a multi-system converter is the best way to go. The device can help your playback PAL, NTSC, and even SECAM color systems on your television and other devices. Some multi-system converters can also play DVDs, DVD-R, DVD+R, MP3, Audio CD, VCD and SVCD among others.

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