PAL Camcorder – What is it and Why Do You Need One?

Different kinds of camcorders support different video format types, including NTSC, SECAM, and PAL, which we’ll be talking about. PAL means Phase Alternating Lines, which is a technical format used not only for video recorders but also for televisions. PAL is the standard format in most parts of the world including Europe, Asia, and Australia. Another video format, the NTSC or National Television System Committee, is used in the United States of America and Japan. The format SECAM, meanwhile, is used in France.


If you’re going to buy a camcorder and you are in a country that uses the PAL format for TVs and displays, it is advisable to buy a camcorder that also supports the PAL format. PAL TVs and displays would not play NTSC-format videos. This is because PAL and NTSC differ mainly on their frame rate and image resolution. NTSC records at 29.97 fps, while PAL records at 25 fps. NTSC has the standard image resolution of 720 x 480, while PAL has an image resolution of 720 x 576. If you’re going to buy a PAL camcorder and you plan to play your recorded videos on TV by directly connecting your camcorder to it, you need to have a PAL television as well. If you’re going to burn your PAL videos to a DVD and want to watch it later, you should also have a PAL DVD player. PAL DVD players can play NTSC videos, but NTSC DVD players cannot play PAL videos.


Having a PAL camcorder can be useful and would give you a wonderful opportunity to capture your best experiences. You can even share your recorded videos to family and friends. PAL camcorders are handy and portable; what’s more, they usually offer better image and video quality than camera phones and digital cameras. There are a lot of online stores that sell them which is a good thing because online stores would save you time and let you choose from the comforts of your home. Purchase your gadget from a recognized store that can offer you renowned PAL camcorder brands at reasonable prices.

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