Microwaved Food — Is it Healthy or Harmful?

Almost every household has a microwave in their kitchen. Their convenience is indisputable — microwave ovens can reheat food in a flash. This 220V appliance uses special electromagnetic radiation that can heat food and beverages and even melt butter.

However, many people are concerned with the safety of microwaved food. The word “radiation” has negative connotations, leading some to believe that the waves render the food unhealthy.

But can the electromagnetic radiation harm you? The quick answer is no. The type of radiation that 220V microwaves produce is not the same as the radiation from atomic bombs and nuclear weapons. Instead, they release waves that are similar to those of your mobile phone.

220V microwaves are also equipped with metal shields and screens to prevent the radiation from escaping. On top of that, they are designed only to produce electromagnetic waves when they are turned on. As long as you don’t stand too close to the appliance when heating food, you’re safe!

It’s still best to take precautions. Make sure to maintain your 220V microwave in good condition. Keep its doors closed properly, clean it regularly, and avoid using it when you notice any damage.

Now you know that microwaved food is 100% safe; however, there is still the risk of thermal injuries from mishandling hot items from the oven. Ensure that you wear gloves or use a towel to prevent any skin burns. Do some research on the different unsuitable materials for 220V ovens, such as aluminum foil, plastic containers, and Styrofoam.

Where can you find a high-quality 220V microwave to heat your food safely? Various online sellers offer a wide range of products from the world’s leading brands. Choose a microwave oven that is powerful, energy-efficient, and has several features for your convenience!

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