Make your Space Clean with 220 Volt Vacuum Cleaner

Spring cleaning coming up? Make sure that you have the right tools to attack all the mess in your space. There are many 220 volt vacuum cleaners available in the market. You should be able to know all about the different types to make an informed decision. Choosing a 220 volt vacuum cleaner will depend heavily on the type of work you do in your space and how large your space is as well as your cleaning habits. Here are some 220 volt vacuum cleaners you can choose from:

  • Wet and dry vacuum – One of the most versatile vacuums, this heavy-duty machine can be used for everything from spills to sawdust.
  • Upright vacuum – One of the most popular 220 volt vacuum cleaners, this is tough on dust and is best for carpets.
  • Canister vacuum – This type is a little bulky like the upright vacuum, with a “canister” that is separate from the “wand”. This allows for more movement when cleaning under the couch or above book shelves.
  • Steam vacuum – A 220 volt vacuum cleaner that runs on steam has a heat of about 248 degrees Fahrenheit. It is tough on stains as it “melts” the dirt and can also kill insects and pests.
  • Hand held vacuum –If you plan on cleaning desk tops and other small areas of your room, a 220 volt hand held vacuum cleaner is perfect for the job. After all, it will be silly to use a full sized 220 volt vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt out of your keyboard.
  • Backpack vacuum cleaner –This portable type of 220 volt vacuum cleaner is designed for maximum versatility for commercial purposes.
  • Robotic vacuum cleaner – You know the future has arrived when robots do your chores for you. A 220 volt robotic vacuum cleaner is ideal for those who want to keep their house clean minus the effort.

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