Know About the Difference between Front Load and Top Load Washer

Washing machines come in 2 general design formats: top loading and front loading. While performing the same basic function, they each have a few distinct advantages that give each of them an advantage in terms of general use, economy, and overall cost. You must learn the differences between each type in order to know which machine is right for you.

By function, front loading machines utilize a basket or drum assembly that tumbles your clothes in order to agitate and clean them. Top loading machines, on the other hand, offer an option of a rotating drum or an agitator at the bottom, which is spun by a motor to create a vortex of water which in turn agitates your clothes in order to clean them. Agitator assemblies are generally simpler and are easier to produce and maintain, making them more efficient than rotating drums usually used in front loading machines which require a more powerful motor to spin the entire drum assembly.

Front loading drum type washing machines tend to use less water compared to top loading washers as they depend on the drum movement for their cleaning action. Top loading machines often require a minimum water volume or depth in order to work properly, making them consume more water in the process. Most common top loading machines also work using a two-tub layout with a separate dryer tub. Front loading machines utilize a single drum layout with a built-in heater function to allow them to wash and dry using the same tub, which makes them more compact and ideal for homes with limited space. The front-loading door also allows for easier access to the clothes compared to top loading machines.

In terms of price, top loading, twin tub washers generally cost less than front loading fully automatic machines. Depending on the particular brand and model, they can also have varying capacities. It should be noted that the price difference can be offset by tub capacity, functions and water and electricity consumption.

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