Benefits of Wall Mounted Hair Dryer in Your Bathroom

Hair dryers are a must have accessory for any bathroom or vanity as it is invaluable for your hair grooming and styling needs. Traditional plug in models tend to have the disadvantage of cluttering up a vanity or dresser and can even be a health and safety hazard in the bathroom where they may be exposed to water. A proper mounting can help alleviate this by providing a neat and organized way of storing your hair dryer and having it ready on hand and easy to reach.

Wall mounted hair dryers are great for bathrooms as they provide a way to have a handy dryer on standby and ready anytime you need it. The wall bracketing allows for easy and convenient storage and keeps your dryer free from moisture damage. It clears some extra space on your dresser or vanity area and helps keeps things organized. A well-placed bracket can also help keep the dryer out of reach of children to prevent any untoward incidents and even damage to your dryer unit.

Hair dryers for bathrooms are constructed of water resistant materials to allow them to take on the wear and tear of daily use, as well as providing a good grippy surface for easy handling and maneuverability. Conventionally equipped with a cold air blower setting as well as low and high-speed switches, wall mounted dryers allow you to dry and precisely dry your locks. A substantial length of cable is provided to allow for easy reach and so that you can conveniently use the dryer unit in front of your dresser unit. Additional safety features include a thermal fuse to prevent overheating and short circuits, deep air ports to prevent burns and to keep anything from touching the heating elements, and a directional nozzle for channeling the air to the desired direction.

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