Key Features of Sharp Microwave Grill

Microwave ovens have been around American kitchens since 1970s and they continue to be popular. Older models were relatively simple; they were designed to heat and cook food six times faster than conventional ovens. But microwave ovens of today have advanced features that make cooking even more efficient. One example is the ‘microwave grill’ from Sharp. Let’s have a look at the Sharp Microwave Grill and its many impressive features.

  • Modern look – Sharp’s microwave grills are luxurious and will look stunning on any kitchen countertop. They look more expensive than they really are all thanks to the stainless-steel finish. Their non-slip feet ensure that they don’t slide or move while in use.


  • 2-in-1 function – Sharp Microwave Grill offers two functions that make heating, steaming, and grilling faster. All you need to do is to set the function with a single press of a button. Of course, you must not forget to put your meat or burger patties on the top of the tray when grilling to get those perfect sear marks.

  • More automatic functions – Gone are the days when microwave ovens were just for steaming vegetables and reheating leftover food. With an ultra-modern microwave grill, you can make toasted nuts, mug cakes, mac and cheese, poached eggs, in addition to popcorns (of course). The auto functions also allow you to cook or heat food accurately.

  • Combo cook feature – You can even reduce your cooking time by pressing the combo cook option. This feature uses the heating power of both oven and grilling.

You don’t have to go to a local store or home depot to buy a brand new Sharp microwave grill. Simply visit a trusted online home appliance shop where you can get the best prices on these and many other items.

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