How useful is a 220V Sewing Machine in the USA?

Although most modern electronic sewing machines are dual voltage, some are designed only for a specific voltage like 220 volts. It may be a great idea to buy a 220v sewing machine in the USA if planning to bring it with you abroad. It may be more affordable to buy one while you’re still in the US instead of getting it while overseas.

Can I use 220-volt sewing machines in the US? 

Most countries use sockets or plugs that use 220 volts to 240 volts. These include most of Asia and Europe and many African countries. In the US, the voltage supply is only at 120 volts. However, if you want to use a 220v sewing machine in the USA, you’ll want to get a converter adapter or a step-down transformer to make it run efficiently and safely. It’s a practical investment that will allow you to use your sewing machine locally and abroad.

What makes a good 220-volt sewing machine?

Choose a high-quality sewing machine that can keep up with you and your projects. Here are some of the factors to consider when shopping:

Features – The 220v sewing machine must suit your needs. For instance, some offer programmable stitching to help you save time, and digital embroidery; to intuitively create embroidered designs.

Cost – A high-quality 220v sewing machine in the USA won’t be dirt cheap. That said, the most expensive model won’t necessarily be the best. Ensure you’re getting your money’s worth by verifying the motor’s durability and moving parts. You should also consider its long-term value and verify that it is not expensive to use and maintain down the line.

Brand – Many brands offer 220-volt sewing machines in the US. Consider their reputation and the construction of their sewing machines. Make sure they’re known for durable sewing machines with good warranties and extensive after-sales support.

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