A Guide to Properly Use a Hand Blender

A hand blender is a very convenient tool that you can find very uses for if you love to cook. Its portability makes mixing and blending of different ingredients easier. These appliances are available online, and the best brands are affordable, effective, and very reliable.

What exactly is a hand blender?

A hand blender consists of the following components: a body which also acts as a handle, control buttons, a blending arm with blade, a splash guard, and a DC motor. The powerful motor rotates the blade, which in turn chops and blends food.  You can use this product to create a vegetable puree, your favorite whipped cream, fruit smoothies, and many more.

Hand blenders like the Braun MR 400CA model provides ultimate maneuverability to make blending easier and more accurate. This compact device allows more reach and widespread chopping and grinding compared to conventional blenders.

How do you use one?

First, you need a power source for your hand blender. Some models of the Braun MR400CA come with a 220V input voltage—which means that you need a converter or adapter if you want to use them in the US. The great thing about this hand blender is that it works with any type of bowl. You can also use a beaker to whip up some vinaigrette, smoothies, pancake batter, or omelet mixes. This model is designed to be very sleek for easy storage.

Put all the ingredients you want to blend together into the container. Plug the hand blender into the electric socket. Push the button and simultaneously place the blade on the ingredients. Move the blender as needed until the ingredients are mixed well. The splash guard keeps the ingredients from jumping out of the container. Continue until everything is blended according to your preferences.

Using a hand blender is not only easy—it also saves your time because you no longer have to mix things manually. It is advisable to get a blender who wants a quick mix without the hassle of a conventional blender preparation.

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