4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Region Free DVD Player

A region free DVD player is a device that can play all DVDs from any country and can be a very useful product for those who purchase DVDs from international sources. When you have a region free DVD player, you never have to worry that a disc encoded for another part won’t play. A region free DVD player will allow you to enjoy your movies, wherever they might be from. But before you purchase one for yourself, here are 4 things that you need to know:

Do you really need one?

If you love watching DVDs, then you presumably search for all kinds of genre and get movies from both online and from physical stores. You are probably also open to buy pre-used DVDs which may be region-locked. Having a DVD player that can play discs from any region can be wonderful; it will allow you to watch anything you want.

What is the brand that you should get?

There are plenty of well-known brands to choose from when it comes to region free DVD players. Top names like Panasonic, Yamaha, Samsung and Toshiba – all produce region-free models, some of which even have dual voltage and frequencies.

Are you going to use it in your home or outside?

You basically have two options: a portable one or a home DVD player. If you watch movies anywhere you go, the portable region-free DVD player can be more useful. For home use, you also have a choice of getting one specifically for a home theater system.

HDMI capability or composite input?

TVs nowadays don’t have a composite input. These are the white, red and yellow plugs that you connect from the player to the television. Always check if the DVD player can be connected to your existing television. It makes sense to get one with a HDMI output since all new versions of TVs have HDMI sockets.

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