Features to Look for in a 220-volt Portable Air Conditioner!

Are you planning on installing a brand-new 220-volt portable air conditioner so you can beat the summer heat? You are probably looking for the latest models in the market. But the truth is, the newest model or the most expensive unit is not necessarily the best choice. To really get the best deal, you have to look at the following factors:

The BTU Rating 

BTU stands for “British Thermal Unit.” Why is this factor very important to look at when deciding on a 220-volt portable air conditioner? Because it determines how much heat the unit can remove from surrounding air. 

To find out the right BTU rating, you need to consider the size of your living space. The rule of thumb is 20 BTUs for every square foot, provided that the room has a standard ceiling height of eight feet. So, if your space is 300 sq ft, then you’d want to get a 6000 BTU portable air conditioner. Some experts recommend getting 10,000 BTU for the same room size if the ceiling height is higher, or if the space receives plenty of sunlight. 


The best 220-volt portable air conditioners are easy to move around the house because they have wheels. You can relocate them to another room as needed.

Smart features 

You want an air conditioning unit that is easy and convenient to use. Find one with handy smart features such as remote control, a built-in timer, and a digital display. 

Hose type 

Portable AC units have either a single hose or dual hose. Like its name suggests, a single-hose AC uses the same hose for intake and exhaust. It is effective in cooling, but it may not be as efficient as a dual hose because it has to work harder to operate. A dual-hose AC unit has two hoses; one for intake and the other for exhaust.

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