Features of the 220-volt Battery Charger

Rechargeable batteries; are some of the most important inventions ever to grace the 21st century. They help eliminate toxic waste from battery chemicals and protect the environment. But, of course, to make the most of rechargeable batteries, you must invest in reliable 220-volt battery chargers

Types of 220-volt battery chargers

Battery chargers; can be divided into two categories: automatic and manual. 

Automatic battery chargers are what you’re most likely familiar with. They use similar technology to recharge your phone. They will stop as soon as the battery is charged fully, automatically switching to float mode charging. Moreover, this technology only delivers small amounts of current whenever necessary. 

Meanwhile, manual battery chargers are the opposite. They will continue charging the battery they’re attached to regardless of the current charge level. In addition, they cannot shut down by themselves, nor do they switch to float mode. Instead, you must manually disconnect them from the device once fully charged. If you fail to remove a manual charger once a device is charged fully, it can result in damage or injury. 


Fortunately, modern battery chargers are fitted with the latest technology to increase your safety while they are in use. For instance, the Multistar MSBC0095 automatic charger has a built-in polarity, overcharge, and floating voltage protection to prevent battery damage and injuries. 

The Multistar DF1173; is also an excellent example, equipped with overcurrent protection features. It has a 12V/24V selector switch, allowing you to customize its output according to your device or battery. 

You can also find much smaller battery chargers for Ni-CD batteries. The Seven Star SS801 can charge AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-volt rechargeable batteries. It also comes with a charging indicator to prevent overcharging while in use. 

Do you need a new 220-volt battery charger? Make sure to purchase one from an experienced and reputable online store for better quality, prices, and customer service!


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