Essential Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Travel Adapter

You’re eager to join the 474 million people traveling to global destinations this year. Your suitcase is packed with essentials: passport, sunscreen, clothes for varying weather conditions, non-perishable snacks, and a selfie stick. You’ve done all you can to prepare, but there’s one thing many international tourists forget to pack: A travel adapter and 220-volt converter.


Travel adapters and converters are essential items if you’re traveling abroad and will be using any type of electric device. Different countries use different electrical outlets, so a travel adapter is necessary to convert the plug shape into one compatible with the outlet in your destination country. With that in mind, here are some essential things to keep in mind while buying a travel adapter and 220-volt converter:


  1. Don’t purchase your travel adapter at the airport

With all of the excitement and build-up related to overseas travel, it’s easy to overlook packing some essential items. But you don’t want to be overcharged for a travel adapter at the airport. You can often find better deals online or in retail stores than in an airport. Plus, there usually isn’t a knowledgeable salesperson available at airports to help guide you toward choosing the right adapter, anyway.


  1. Understand your destination country’s electrical systems

Different countries use different electrical systems and voltage levels. Before you buy a travel adapter, take note of the voltage level in your destination country and make sure the adapter is capable of handling it. Additionally, research the types of outlets used in that particular country to ensure your adapter will fit into them properly.


  1. Invest in high-quality items

When it comes to travel adapters, you get what you pay for. Cheaper models are often made with flimsy materials and may not be able to handle the power needed for many devices. Invest in a higher quality adapter built to last and can provide reliable power.



Travel adapters are essential items for international journeys. Before purchasing one, keep the above tips in mind and invest in a high-quality product that can reliably provide power to all of your devices. With a proper adapter on hand, you’ll have more peace of mind when traveling abroad and won’t be dependent on finding an overpriced one at the airport. Good luck with your travels and safe adventures!

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