Essential 220 Volt Kitchen Appliances and Their Uses

Many types of kitchen appliances that are available online, but you do not have to buy everything that you see. Sometimes, you only need a few essential 220 volt appliances in your kitchen. If you are thinking of replacing old 110 volt kitchen appliances with newer ones or you simply need 220 volt kitchen appliances that you can take with you abroad, these essential options should suffice:

  1. Refrigerator – Trade an old refrigerator for a modern fridge with a higher energy efficiency rating. You will find that your new 220 volt fridge can cool better and preserve your perishable goods more efficiently for a longer time.


  1. Rice cooker – Modern rice cookers are not merely for cooking and steaming rice. They can be useful for making different kinds of recipes, too. Some rice cookers have accessories that can make them useful as steamers for certain food items like meat buns and dumplings, while others allow you to cook pastas efficiently.
  1. Mixer – This is a standard appliance for every kitchen. You can accomplish more and shorten preparation time with a high-quality mixer. Choose a mixer that comes with different attachments for different food preparation requirements.


  1. Toaster – You can actually make all kinds of food with your toaster, including baked potatoes, some cookies, oven toaster cakes, and fish. You can heat left-over pizzas using a toaster oven, too.
  1. Microwave oven – This is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances that you should have. It can be used to heat food, quickly defrost some meats, and cook certain meals.


  1. Blender – This is essential if you like to enjoy homemade smoothies and shakes. Look for a blender that can serve as a basic food processor, too.
  1. Thermopot – Also known as an ‘electric kettle’, it lets you boil water fast. Some units can boil water in three minutes, so you can enjoy a fresh hot cup of tea, instant coffee, or cocoa, faster, or you can use it for some meals like cup ramen.

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