Electric Transmission – The Invention of Electricity and Evolution of Voltage

Everybody knows how electricity was invented. Famous scientists like Antonia Anastasio, Benjamin Franklin, Luigi Galvani etc contributed with their theories and experiments. We can see the time line here:

  • 6th Mar, 1650: Thales of Miletus — Static Amber
  • 7th Mar, 1752: Benjamin Franklin — Lighning Rods
  • 7th Mar, 1752: Benjamin Franklin — Kites and Lights!!!
  • 1st Mar, 1786: Luigi Galvani — Muscle Moving Energy
  • 6th Mar, 1800: Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta — Voltaic Pile (Electric Battery)
  • 9th Jul, 1876: Alexander Graham Bell – Telephone

But, did someone ever wonder about the evolution of concept of Voltage? I guess very few of us knows about it. Here is a unique and differentiating info graphic depicting the Evolution of Electricity and the Journey of Voltage. It’s very important for all of us to know what set of events led to the current scenario of Voltage in the electric appliances we use at present, how voltage converters and transformers, dual voltage devices came into existence.

Electric Transmission - An Evolution

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