Commercial Usage of 220 Voltage Appliances

There are many types of 220 volt appliances with varying uses in commercial applications. Here are just some of them:

  • Commercial 220 volt refrigerators: Large sized refrigerators are available for commercial usage. They can be used to store larger volumes of food in eateries and restaurants. Their storage capacity is sizeable, and utility is good even at commercial scale.
  • Commercial 220 volt washers: These commercial washing machines are used in laundromats. They are designed to be more robust than residential washing machines and can withstand years of wear and tear.
  • Commercial 220 volt dryers: These appliances also have sufficient power to find application in commercial use. Commercial laundry services may utilize a 220-volt dryer for quick and efficient drying of clothes in bulk.
  • Commercial 220-volt dish washer: This appliance is a good choice for commercial catering and restaurant applications. Serial loading and unloading can be easily done in a 220-volt dish washer.
  • Commercial 220 volt freezers: These large commercial freezers can be found in ice cream shops, groceries, and even ice cream trucks. They maintain constant temperatures and keep the items placed inside within the set temperature limits. There will be no complaints of melting when using a 220-volt freezer.
  • Commercial 220-volt vacuum cleaners: These are powerful cleaners which can be used commercially for cleaning on a daily basis. They clean efficiently and reliably. Commercial places require high maintenance and regular cleaning. A 220-volt vacuum cleaner is robust and can withstand everyday use on a long term basis.
  • Commercial 220-volt generator: This has great commercial use in small scale commercial firms. In areas where power-tripping and load shedding is a concern, these generators come in handy. They are easy to start and maintain as well.

As you can see, 220 volt appliances are versatile. They are highly utilized in commercial applications. They are also power efficient and can help lower electricity bills.

Author: samstores

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