Bionaire Permanent Filter – How Convenient is It?

The Bionaire Permanent Filter HEPA Type Air Purifier is a convenient air filtration system for home use. With its slim profile of 11.9 inches x 12 inches x 29 inches in a free-standing pedestal type format, it is easy to place or locate anywhere in the home. By design, the Bonaire is a permanent true HEPA purifier system which effectively removes 99% of airborne allergens, which makes it ideal for purifying the air to prevent allergies and asthma and other pulmonary conditions.

A high-efficiency particulate air or HEPA filter is a mechanical type air filter that screens the air by forcing it through a fine mesh that traps allergens such as pollen, pet dander, dust, molds, tobacco smoke, vehicle exhaust, and other harmful airborne particles. Using a HEPA filter thus greatly reduces the risk of respiratory ailments and occurrence of asthma or allergy attacks. Coupled with UV light which has germicidal properties, the Bionaire Permanent Filter provides a 2-step solution that fights airborne germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi as well.

With simple push button controls for fan speed, the Bionaire air filter is easy to use. It is also equipped with an ionizer which electrically charges the air to attract particles and trap them. This increases the effectiveness of the filter and dramatically increase air quality. Slim and portable, the Bionaire can be placed almost anywhere air filtration might be needed, making it a convenient and low cost solution compared to large scale air purification systems which take up a lot of space and require professional installation and maintenance.

The worsening air quality in our cities and suburbs, the Bionaire is a perfect low cost solution. Clean air should not be a luxury. Compact HEPA filters are a great way to provide a clean and healthy environment for the home.




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