Best Ways to Select the Right Ceiling Fan to Suit All Your Needs

Do you want to buy a ceiling fan to circulate air in certain spaces in your home? A ceiling fan can be a good complement to your cooling system. It pushes air around to encourage circulation and can even help you create a more comfortable living area or a restful bedroom.

Choosing the right size

According to ENERGY STAR®, the following room sizes require the following ceiling fan diameters:

  • 75 square feet or smaller – 29- to 36-inch ceiling fan
  • 76 to 144 square feet – 36- to 42-inch ceiling fan
  • 144 to 225 square feet – 44-inch ceiling fan
  • 225 to 400 square feet – 50- to 54-inch ceiling fan

You of course also have to consider the height of the ceiling. There should still be at least 8 feet of space between the floor and the fan blades.

Choosing the right mounting option

Some ceiling fans come with multiple mounting options to make them easier to position anywhere in the home. A flush mount is great for rooms with lower ceilings. A down rod mount, meanwhile, is for rooms with higher ceilings. If your ceilings are extra-tall, you may have to buy a longer down rod as the one provided by the manufacturer may not be enough. 

Choosing the right look

Ceiling fans now come in an endless array of finishes so you should have no problem finding the right look for your space. Did you know that some models even feature reversible blades? If you get a little tired of one finish, simply reverse the blades to change the look of the fan. There is also a wide variety of choices when it comes to blade shapes and the number of blades. Some ceiling fans have 9 blades to create a helicopter style look. If you want something more classic, go for the traditional 4-to 5-blade style.

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