Beat the Summer Heat Using 230 Volt Portable Air Conditioner

If you don’t have the time and money to install a window-type AC, then just buy a 230-volt portable air conditioner. It may not be as powerful as its counterpart, but it will surely beat the summer heat and let you stay comfortable in your home!

Here are the top benefits of owning a 230-volt portable air conditioner:

  1. Affordability – Compared to conventional AC, portable air conditioners are cheaper. You will surely find one that suits your budget. Aside from this, a portable air conditioner is also affordable to maintain. You don’t have to hire a pro for upkeep. You can clean, replace the filters, and even do minimal repairs on your own.
  1. No installation required – Another reason to love portable air conditioners is that they don’t need to be installed. You can set your 230-volt portable air conditioner without any professional help. Just follow the manufacturer’s guide and you will be ready to use it to cool your room.
  1. Portable – Perhaps the biggest advantage of this air conditioner is portability. You can use it wherever you need cool air. Some units even have wheels at the bottom so you can roll and move it from one room to another conveniently.
  1. Reduce energy bills – Compared to a centralized HVAC or a window AC that cools the entire house, a portable air conditioner lets you cool a specific area or room. This helps you save money on energy bills.
  1. Not subjected to restrictions – Some apartments that have HOA restrict their tenants/members from installing window AC. If they need to, the residents will have to ask for permission from the HOA. The good news is that portable air conditioners are not subjected to these restrictions because they don’t require installation.
  1. Comes with cool features – Modern portable units often have features that you won’t find in standard window ACs. One of them is the dehumidifier function. This feature ensures proper airflow and maintain the humidity level of a room.

Author: samstores

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