Advantages of Lightweight 220 Volt Window Air Conditioner

The window air conditioner is the most basic and affordable cooling system, making them one of the best types of air conditioning systems for homes and small offices. The name has been derived from the way this air-conditioner is installed, i.e. through a window-like opening through a wall or directly through the window, with the vent and controls indoors, and the rear part outside. Lightweight 220-volt window air conditioners come in different levels of BTUs, so you should be able to find one that can efficiently cool your room. Here are more advantages of this kind of air conditioning unit:


  • Affordable – One of the most obvious benefits of a 220-volt window air conditioning is the low cost. It should be fairly inexpensive to buy and operate, but be sure to take note of the brand, features, and the BTU capacity. Some window air conditioners from certain brands with advanced features may cost higher than basic units, but they can be cost-effective to operate in the long run. To make sure that the AC is truly low cost to run, make sure that its BTU and size are enough for the size of your room. Frigidaire and LG are some of the brands that are constantly receiving positive reviews when it comes to energy efficiency and cost-effective operation.
  • Easy to install – With a 220-volt window air conditioner, you do not have to worry about installing pipes and setting up separate controls for it. Installation is straightforward for most brands and models of window air conditioners, as long as your window or the slot for the AC on your wall is big enough for them.


  • Energy efficient – Many window air conditioners have high EER (energy efficiency ratio), which can help you understand how much energy they need to run and keep your room cool. They are Energy-Start certified, too.


  • It will not get in your way – A 220-volt window air conditioner is designed to fit in a window, so it will not take up any floor space.

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