5 Best Travel Gadgets From CES 2013

The 2013 CES ( Consumer Electronic Show) finished in Las Vegas recently. The success of this can be measured by the fact that in this show, around 20,000 new gadgets were launched by 3250 exhibitors. Indeed, it was a heaven on the earth from gadget freaks point of view.

The products which attracted attention the most by travelers are:

  1. Y-cam Home Monitor
  2. Polaroid iM1836
  3. Fitbug Orb
  4. Spare One
  5. Martian voice command watches

Martian voice command watches can be a desirable product. These watched can act like GSM/CDMA mobile phones and can be used for making and answering calls, receiving and sending text messages.


These bluetooth enabled watches support android/OS mobile platforms as well.

Source: http://travel.cnn.com/best-travel-gadgets-CES-015196

Author: samstores

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