220V Whole House Dehumidifiers – How They Work

The purpose of the 220V whole house dehumidifier is to eliminate moisture from indoor air throughout your home to prevent dust mites and mold from thriving. It is particularly useful if your entire house has poor ventilation or certain spaces where humidity tends to collect, like basements. The 220V can be used abroad when you travel or relocate to another country that uses that Voltage. That way, you can avoid any discomfort attributed to humid air. Humidity is also seen as a culprit for furniture and floor or ceiling damage, especially when it causes certain materials to degrade due to constant exposure to moisture and long-term exposure to mold and fungus.

Investing in a 220V dehumidifier is the first step towards a healthier and comfortable home. It works by drawing air over the cold coils to condense the moisture out, and then it passes the air over the warm coils before delivering it back into the room. Whole-house dehumidifiers work with your heating and cooling system to draw the air through return ductwork. The moist and warm air is pulled into it to cool down, so moisture condenses into water droplets. Water is stored in a collection pan or container to be drained directly down a drain, and the dry hair is delivered to your desired room temperature.

A regular dehumidifier could remove around 10 to 50 pints of water daily, but the amount depends on the humidity level. The 220V whole house dehumidifier can remove more since it is taking care of humidity throughout the property. Setting it up should be easy, as you only need to plug it into a compatible electrical outlet, and it will be ready to use. A 220V dehumidifier can come with different features, so it’s important to look at different brands and models. Consider ENERGY STAR compliant models with washable filters, a 24-hour timer, and auto restart.

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