220 Volt Vacuum Cleaner – An Advanced Tool for Dust Cleaning

Dust can get into the corners of your home and can cause allergies and other health problems. Keep your house clean with a 220 volt vacuum cleaner. Before you go out to purchase a 220 volt vacuum cleaner, though, you should consider your requirements as well as the condition of your home. People who live in studio apartments can settle for a hand held or robotic vacuum while those who have bigger living space might want a heavy-duty upright vacuum.

Here are some types of 220 vacuum cleaners you can choose from:


  • Upright vacuum – This model has a very powerful suction and is ideal for deep-cleaning carpets. You can choose from bagless or bagged options. The upright vacuum cleaner is tilted and pushed and cleans the floor with a back and forth motion.


  • Canister vacuum – This type of vacuum has a separate tank and a hose. You can find a wide range of attachments for specific cleaning with a canister vacuum. This model is ideal for cleaning the floor or dusting furniture. You can even clear up dust on curtains, ceiling corners, and walls with a canister vacuum.


  • Stick vacuum – This lightweight machine has a slim suction as well as a bag or dustbin, making it ideal for use in tight spaces. It is easy to maneuver the stick vacuum around or under furniture. Some models offer a detachable hand held vacuum.


  • Handheld vacuum – This small and lightweight vacuum can either be cordless or corded. It is best to use hand held vacuums for tight corners and clearing up mess dirt, and dust on floors and tables. You can also use a handheld vacuum for cleaning up the interiors of your car.


  • Robotic vacuum – The modern vacuum is not controlled by a human. These cordless machines can clean up dust in your home even when you are not around. They can be programmed or controlled by a remote.

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