220 Volt Dishwasher – Need Of Every Kitchen

It’s true what they say—once you have owned a dishwasher, you’ll never want to go back to washing your dishes by hand. A 220 volt dishwasher can take away all the hassles of cleaning up your dishes. It saves your precious time while conserving water and energy, too. Let’s take a look at the many benefits of a 220 volt dishwasher.

1. Save time – Did you know that a dishwasher can save you up to 3 weeks annually compared to washing dishes by hand? The next time you see a big pile of dishes in the sink, don’t be daunted. A 220 volt dishwasher can take care of everything in one go, so you can kick back and enjoy your post-dinner wine.

2. Save water – A study (by Bonn University) revealed that automatic 220 volt dishwashers use 15L to 22L per wash, which is much less than the 103L used in manual dishwashing to clean the same number of plates. This means that a dishwasher can but water consumption by up to 85% compared to manual dishwashing.

3. Save energy – The same study revealed that automatic dishwashing cuts energy use by 60% compared to manual dishwashing. Even better, you only have to run your dishwasher once a day. Gradually fill it with dirty plates and cutlery until it is fully loaded, and then run it. This makes 220 volt dishwashers even more energy efficient compared to hand washing.

4. Squeaky clean plates – Dishwashers effectively kill germs, leaving you with sparkling plates and ultimate hygienic clean.

5. Softer hands – It’s no secret that manual dishwashing can strip oil and moisture from your skin, leaving your hands feeling rough and dry. Keep those precious hands silky and smooth by investing in a 220 volt dishwasher.

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