110 Volt to 220 Volt Converter – A Boon For Frequent Travelers

Carrying a 110-volt to 220-volt converter is an excellent way of travelling from one country to another. It is a mental peace knowing that your smartphones, iPads, and laptop will be safe from inflow of variable power at different places. When one travels, you are bound to carry personal electronic and electrical gadgets like hairdryer, iPods, cameras and may such devices. By simply trusting the source of power supply at all international destinations, you are only going to increase the risk of harming the devices. A 110-volt to 220 voltage converter helps in converting the voltage from 110V to 220V.

Power and voltage fluctuations and variances are quite common at most international destinations. This means that your precious and expensive devices are completely at the mercy of these spikes up and down if you are not using a good quality voltage converter. Most devices in the US are made to work at 110 voltage; however, in most of the other countries of the world the voltage is between 220V to 240V.

Using the right voltage converter helps in reliable conversion of the incoming voltage to sync with the voltage at which your gadgets and devices will work. When travelling out of the US, what you need to carry with you is the Step-down transformer and when travelling into the US from a country in Europe or Asia you need to have a step-up transformer. Today, there are many converters that act as step-up and step-down converters simultaneously.

When buying 110-volt to 220-voltage converter ensure that you buy such converters that are capable of converting single-phase 220v and 110 volts. In the US, 220 Volt is of double phase while in Europe, 220-volts has only a single phase. At any cost, it is important to ensure that no appliance that has a higher wattage requirement than the converters’ wattage is used with the voltage converter. This will cause damage to your device instantly.

In a nutshell, the 110-volt to 220-voltage converter or step-up converter is essential when you buy electronic items in a 220-volt country and intend to use it in a country like the US which is a 110-volt country.

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