110 to 220 Volt Transformer and Its Usage

If all countries and regions used the same voltage, we would not have to worry about bringing our electronic and electric appliances and devices anywhere we go. But that is not the case, as electrical output will vary from one country or continent to another. In that case, you will need to be mindful of the voltage that is used in the country where you want to go, so you can purchase the right voltage converter for it. If you are using 220-volt appliances in a 110-volt region like the US, you will need a 110 to 220-volt transformer to power them safely and smoothly.

The 110 to 220-volt transformer is also known as a step-up converter, which increases or ‘steps up’ 110 volts of the electrical outlet to 220 volts. You may need it if you are buying 220-volt appliances like a TV, laptop, printer, DVD or Blu-Ray players, or even power tools and you will be using them in the US. Some step-up transformers are also step-down transformers, so you can bring them to 220-volt countries to safely use your 110-volt devices.

Selecting the right 110 to 220-volt transformer is not a straightforward process. You need to make sure that it is the right size for the appliances you want to use. You can determine the size of a voltage transformer by its wattage, which will depend on the devices you intend to use and the number of watts they require. It is recommended that you get a step-up converter with a wattage that is twice to three times higher than your device, especially if it is a TV, laser printer, power tool, or basically any appliance that has a power surge when switched on. With extra wattage, you can be sure that your equipment can function well and properly turn on without damaging the converter.

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