10 Best 220v Hand Mixers You Should Opt For!

A 220V hand mixer is a great investment in the kitchen. This little tool is useful for mixing different kinds of ingredients that you need for cooking and baking. Unlike a stand mixer or a grinder, a 220V hand mixer is portable. 

So, which brand and model of hand mixers should you buy? Here’s a list of top 10 recommendations: 

  1. Frigidaire FD5105 6 Speed Hand Mixer
  2. Cuisinart RHM100U Cordless Power Hand Mixer
  3. Braun HM 3000 Hand Mixer MultiMix3
  4. Bosch MFQ4030-K Hand Mixers
  5. Kenwood Chefette HM680 Hand Mixer with Bowl
  6. KitchenAid 5KHM9212EER hand mixer
  7. Bosch MFQ40303 Hand Mixers
  8. Nikai NH8881U Hand Mixer
  9. VonShef 07067 Hand Mixer
  10. Kenwood HM220 Three-Speed Hand Mixer 

It’s good to consider the popularity and rating when buying a 220v hand mixer. But aside from these, you should also look for other criteria or factors such as: 


Choose a hand mixer that is compact and lightweight. If it’s too heavy, then it will be harder to control it. A hand mixer that weighs 1.5lbs (not including attachments) should be good enough. 


You don’t necessarily need a lot of speed options, but the hand mixer should at least have a speed setting that allows you to whip things fast and lets you achieve your desired results. 


How much power does a hand mixer require to operate? The wattage will affect how much money it costs to use the appliance. Look for an efficient model. 


You don’t want your hand mixer to be easily toppled when you put it on the counter. Find one with a flat base. A good 220V hand mixer is designed in such a way that it will be stable when you put it down. 

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