Why You Should Get A 220 Volt Surge Protector?

Power surges are quite a normal thing in most countries of the world. As the world moves towards smarter technology and we stuff our homes with the latest technical gadgets and devices, it becomes important to safeguard these expensive items from electrical surges and spikes. 

Power surges happen typically when the voltage goes beyond the specified limits, and this can be caused by lightings, short circuits, outages and faulty circuit breakers. Since almost all electrical devices in your home are running on the main electric supply including heavy-weight items like air conditioners, electric heaters etc. you need to have voltage surge protectors. For the ones that use the maximum voltage and power, you would need to use the 220-volt voltage surge protector.

If the supply voltage goes beyond the specified limits, you will notice smoke, experience burning smell besides of course unnoticeable damages caused to appliances. A 220-volt surge protector will do two things:

  • Detect the surge in the voltage 
  • The excessive current is then diverted to the earthing wire.

A 220-volt surge protector is extremely useful for protecting your expensive electronic and sensitive hi-tech devices. 

The surge protector consists of a live wire and ground or earth wire. The protector also consists of a resistor that can read the voltage up and down and hence called the varistor. 

  • The earth wire is the one that helps divert the excess and unwanted supply to the earth. 
  • In a normal standard working condition, the surge protector lies inactive. This means that in the event that there is no power spike happening at any point in time, the surge protector has no role to play. 
  • It is only when the entire circuitry experiences the surge in voltage that the protector becomes active and diverts off the excess voltage to keep the device safe and unharmed.
  • It is the varistor that consists of a semiconductor that becomes a good conductor of electricity when there is an excess voltage. At normal times, the semiconductor does not conduct electricity. 
  • The varistor and the earth wire help keep the excess voltage out of your precious devices.

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