Which Should a 240-volt Drill Be Used for Daily Work?

Does your toolbox contain everything you need? Whether you’re an avid DIY-er or a professional tradesperson, a 240-volt drill is one of the most vital tools to have. So how do you find the best one for your needs? Here’s a quick 240-volt drill buying guide.


Drills are designed to boreholes and loosen or tighten screws. They come in various shapes and sizes.

The drill driver fits the most general description of a drill, capable of making small holes and driving screws. Meanwhile, combi drills have both functions, but they also have a hammer-action fixture for drilling into masonry and brick.

Other variants of drills include impact drivers, hammer drills, power screwdrivers, and demolition drills.

Power supply

Drills can further be subdivided according to their power supply: corded and cordless.

Corded drills are typically lighter because they only require a mains power supply to function. However, this also means less mobility. They’re only ideal if you plan to work in one area with access to a power outlet.

In comparison, cordless drills are heavier but give you more mobility. They often come with a heavy battery pack, lasting for hours on a single charge. Cordless drills are more suitable for work in large construction sites where access to power outlets may be limited.


You will also find 240-volt drills with different features to make your experience more comfortable. For instance, some tools are fitted with an adjustable depth stop, preventing you from drilling beyond the desired depth.

In addition, consider choosing a drill with an auxiliary handle. This will help improve your safety and accuracy while drilling, giving you more control over the force and motion.

If you’re planning to buy a new drill, choose one from a trusted brand. Top online suppliers offer high-quality power tools from the best companies, ensuring your safety in every construction project.

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