What To Look For When Shopping For A 220 Volt Air Compressor?

Whether you are a heavy-duty mechanic, contractor, serious hobbyist, or a technician, you would need an air compressor that can keep up. Check out the compressor buying guide and learn more about what to look for in your next 220V air compressor.

  1. Air pressure (PSI)

It is rated usually in PSI or pounds per square. Most of the air tools require 100 PSI to run correctly, but to maintain 90 PSI; you would need a compressor with a higher shut-off pressure in two stages.

  • Horsepower (HP)

The HP rating would be a better way of determining what size of compressor you need. One way to tell if you are looking at real or overrated horsepower is to look at how much electrical power it takes to run it. A motor of 5 HP will draw about 24 amps on a 220V circuit, whereas most overrated compressors will run on a regular 15 amp 110V circuit, which can only run about two real HP. If you would plug it in a typical wall plug, it can’t be more than two genuine HP.

  • Size of the air compressor tank

Does size matter? It doesn’t matter a lot. A compressor tank doesn’t produce much air and only stores air. It is essential to have a motor and pump big enough because if you produce as much air as you would like to use, you’ll never run out of the air, it doesn’t matter how small the tank is.

On the other hand, if you are going to run a tool steady like a sander, it is essential to produce as much air as you need. A smaller tank is a lot more portable and gets up to the pressure quicker, whereas a compressor having a large tank doesn’t stop and start as often and cools the air a bit better. It doesn’t mean a large tank runs less; it starts and ends less often, but the time of running is the same as if it had a smaller tank. The sizes of the tank are measured usually in US gallons.

Don’t purchase a 220V air compressor until you talk to the experts.

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