Update Your Kitchen with Energy Efficient 220 Volt Kitchen Appliances

It’s time to toss out that toaster passed on to you by your parents. You might also want to throw out your old microwave oven. Using your old appliances may cause your electric bill to spike up. This is why it’s often more prudent to invest in modern 220 volt kitchen appliances that are energy efficient. If you opt for these kinds of kitchen equipment, you can save energy and even help the planet. What’s more, buying new will reduce the risk of malfunctions and accidents.

Here are some 220 volt appliances you can use to update your kitchen:


  1. Microwave – Modern 220 volt microwave ovens only use electricity that you need. The new microwave ovens also have specific buttons for heating, cooking, thawing, and more.


  1. Rice cooker – Cooking rice is a daunting task because you have to watch over the pot. With a rice cooker, you can enjoy perfectly cooked and even rice without you wasting your time, energy, or electricity. Most energy efficient rice cookers also double as a steamer.


  1. Kettle – One of the most wasteful ways to boil water is leaving it on the kitchen stove. When you have an energy efficient kettle, the unit will stop using electricity once the water boils. You don’t have to waste water either, which is very common when you leave one on the stove.


  1. Water cooler – Your refrigerator works double time when it is full. Free up space in the fridge by opting fowr a water cooler. You can drink cold water whenever you like with the energy efficient water cooler.


  1. Toaster – Forget toasters that have only 2 settings, white as snow or black as ebony. An energy efficient toaster will toast your bread to perfection. You can save on electric bills and enjoy golden brown toasts at the same time.

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