One of the most utilized electrical appliances in the kitchen is the rice cooker. It offers many functions and is actually a great all-around cooking appliance. Before you purchase a new 220-volt rice cooker, here are some features to look for so you can enjoy a truly pleasant cooking experience:

Non-stick coating interior

There is nothing more time-consuming than having to clean morsels of rice that are stuck to the bottom of the rice cooker. This is why you should choose a non-stick type in the first place. Make sure that the inner pot is made of non-toxic materials. Avoid scratching the coating.

Multiple uses

You want a cooker that doesn’t just cook rice but has a steamer function, too. Choose a model that can accommodate a steamer basket. This will allow you to steam vegetables, buns, dumplings, or even fish as the rice is cooking, thereby saving time and energy. You can even get rice cookers with added settings particularly for certain Asian dishes like congee, okayu, juk, or zhou in Chinese.

Did you know that some rice cookers also work as slow cookers? Even more impressively, certain models can bake bread or ferment yogurt and bread dough. There are plenty of cookbooks and online information about using a rice cooker to prepare all kinds of dishes, including soups, sponge cakes, stews, etc., so you can truly take advantage of all the features of your appliance.

Clear displays and intuitive buttons

Choose a rice cooker that has an easy to read LCD showing the mode so you know exactly what’s going on. It should also have buttons that allow you to easily control all the different options available.

You can’t go wrong with a 220-volt rice cooker that offers these features. Make sure to purchase your products from a reputable online shop that guarantees quality and customer satisfaction.

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