The New Eco-Friendly 6500 Btu Air Conditioner

Air conditioners come in different sizes which are measured by BTU capacity (British Thermal Unit). When people purchase new air conditioners, they tend to choose bigger units, thinking that they are better. What they don’t know is that air conditioners with higher BTU do not always provide the most effective cooling performance.

Using an air conditioner with a higher capacity than required is actually more expensive. It will consume more energy as it cycles on and off too often. Aside from this, bigger units are also unable to dehumidify the room because they achieve the desired temperature quickly. Because of the high humidity, people may feel cool but uncomfortable. 

This is why smaller units with 6500 BTU air conditioner are sometimes eco-friendlier and more energy-efficient. They are most effective when installed in a 250-300 sq. ft office or bedroom. They provide enough cooling even if they are turned on throughout the day, without getting overworked. Because they don’t cycle on and off too often, they are more likely to have a longer product life. 

Just because the air conditioning unit is small doesn’t automatically mean it is efficient and environment-friendly. How will you know if you are choosing the right 6500 BTU air conditioner?

Energy Star Ratings

Eco-friendly 6500 BTU air conditioners have Energy Star Ratings. This rating means that they use electricity more efficiently compared to others. Energy-efficient air conditioners have a lower impact on the environment. In addition, they also help reduce electricity bills.

Quiet operation

Air conditioner noise that is too loud can be a nuisance. That’s why some buyers are very particular about buying models that are known for quiet operation. Quiet air conditioners let you create a more comfortable living or working space without the background noise of a rattling fan.

Programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat is one of the common features of a green air conditioning system. With this feature, you can set a turn-on and turn-off time for the unit. 

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