The Most Important Things to Look For In a 220-Volt Hair Straightener

A hair straightener is a tricky device; one day it might be working perfectly, and the next day it might melt (or even cause a fire). This is why you should invest in a reliable and high-quality unit. Cheap over heating straighteners can burn your hair and non-insulated ones can burn your hand. To protect yourself from all these hazards, it’s wise to purchase a 220-volt hair straightener that is specially designed to function in higher voltage—and in not just one but many countries. Never risk your safety when using a hair straightener and switch to 220-volt hair straightener.


Below are some points that you should consider before buying a 220-volt hair straightener:


  1. The material of the heating plate – Ceramic-coated plates in a 220-volt hair straighteners are ideal since they can evenly distribute heat to give you silky smooth hair. It is also important that heat recovery is uniform, so that it is able to maintain a constant temperature.


  1. Temperature range – The heat provided should be high so that you are able to achieve salon results right at home.


  1. LED indicator light – An indicator light is essential so you know the status of the device at all times. This increases safety and prevents burns.


  1. Auto shut off – This feature of a 220-volt straightener enhances safety. Even if you forget to turn it off, the unit automatically shuts off.


Here’s another tip: Buying a straightener with dual voltage is a good idea if you travel a lot and want to use it wherever you are in the world. Many of the 220-volt hair straighteners or flat irons you will find online have dual voltage capacities and can be used in 220 as well as 120 volts. These types of 220-volt hair straighteners are especially convenient for people who travel frequently.

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