The Best Uses for the 110 Volt to 220 Volt Converter

If you live anywhere in North America, you will find that most of the electronic and electric devices and appliances we own run on 110 volts from the electrical outlets in our homes and offices. If you have recently purchased a new furnace, air-conditioner, clothes dryer, or an electric cooking range, it can be frustrating to know that 110 volts may not be suitable for it, as larger appliances will need more power to run safely and efficiently. This is where you will need a 110 volt to 220-volt converter to be able to use those appliances.

Most areas get 220 volts from the electric power company because delivering electricity at a higher voltage ensures fast transmission over extensive distances, while requiring minimal copper in wires, making that economical for electric companies. When the 220-volt current arrives at the pole outside your property, it is split with the three-wire split-phase system, which divides single-phase 220 volts of electricity into two different 110-volt conductors sharing a ground wire, a common neutral wire. The ground wire ensures a clear and safe path for electric currents in case a short circuit occurs. Electricity is constantly trying to return to ground as it seeks to follow the path of least resistance. So, ground wires work to prevent electrocution and shocks. This is also the reason for larger appliances having three-pronged plugs, in which the third prong will connect directly to a neutral ground wire for safer use.

Despite being three-pronged, some 220-volt appliances could cause issues in certain properties due to the limited outlets and the wrong outlet shapes. Most 220-volt devices will have a lower current draw, so they come with receptacles or plugs that are similar to 110v outlets. You can either let an electrician install appropriate outlets for them or get a 110 volt to 220-volt converter. The latter could be a better choice if you want to save money. With a 110 volt to 220-volt converter, you can plug in your 220-volt appliances anywhere in your home.

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