Safety Tips for using 220-volt Dryer

A 220-volt dryer is a godsend for bad hair days. You can easily go from drab to fab when you have your own 220-volt dryer—no need to pay expensive services at the salon. Before you purchase and use a 220-volt dryer, though, you should keep in mind these important safety tips:

  • Don’t leave it on – Whatever you do, don’t leave your 220-volt dryer for too long. It can overheat. Leaving a 220-volt dryer plugged in can also cause fire hazards. After using, be sure to unplug and store appropriately.
  • Be careful with water – Do you tend to use your hair dryer right after taking a shower? Be very careful, as you might still be wet. Remember water + electricity can be very dangerous. Make sure your hands are dry, and your hair isn’t dripping wet to avoid short circuits and other related accidents.
  • Practice makes perfect – Learn the proper way to use a 220-volt dryer to avoid major problems, such as your hair getting stuck in the fan or worse, getting burnt. Use a lower setting first if you are not yet very dexterous at handling the dryer.
  • Use hair protectant – As much as possible, try not to use your hair dryer every single day. It can damage your hair and make it brittle. When you do need to use your 220-volt dryer, be sure to spray a protectant on your hair first to keep it from getting fried.
  • Choose the right model – A wide range of 220-volt dryer models are offered. Each model has its own features and blow drying power ranges. You can find regular blow dryers for home use as well as professional dryers usually used in salons. You will even find portable 220-volt dryers that you can take along with you to the office or on trips.

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