Make delicious and nutritious juices for your loved ones with Panasonic MJ-DJ01S Juicer 1.5l 800w Juice Extractor, Stainless Steel, 220V. This juicer extractor from the house of Panasonic is designed to give you complete flexibility and comfort in making juices of all kinds of fruits and vegetables. This extractor has 800W motor and 120-degree rotatable spouts to take care of all your juicing needs. It is featured with sharp edge low-angle cutter and fine filter mesh to ensure you can always prepare thirst-quenching and refreshing drinks with much ease. Its sleek and attractive design makes this juicer a perfect complement for your kitchen. Also, it takes less space in the kitchen for storage. This product is made of superior quality stainless steel material to ensure high durability and exclusive finish.

Panasonic MJ-DJ01S Juicer 1.5l 800w Juice Extractor, Stainless Steel, 220V comes with many user-friendly features.  Each feature contributes to the functionality of the extractor in a perfect way.

Here are some features that will define how this product is a perfect fit for your kitchen.

Ergonomic design, attractive and easy to use

Panasonic presents MJ-DJ01S juicer keeping your comfort in mind, from putting ingredients in the container, extracting juices and cleaning. Elegant slim body and ergonomic design make this product appropriate for your kitchen’s look and space. Now, extracting juice from fruits and vegetables at home is simple with this Panasonic’s juicer.

Easy and quick to clean

Panasonic MJ-DJ01S Juicer 1.5l 800w Juice Extractor, Stainless Steel, 220V is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean as it is dishwasher safe. Hence, you should think of introducing it in your kitchen.

Sturdy & powerful motor

MJ-DJ01S model from the reliable brand like Panasonic comes with a powerful and rugged motor. This ensures all ingredients are gently and perfectly squeezed at a perfect speed. This feature makes it a perfect juicer for your needs.

Other accessories

MJ-DJ01S juicer 1.5L 800W juice extractor comes with 2Llarge pulp container and 1.5L jug with bubble separator. This means, you can easily make perfect juice for your loved ones, family and friends. Also, it is equipped with a 2-speed regulator, so you can easily customize speed according to your requirements. Apart from this, this product has a precise and durable full metal spinner that firmly holds the fruits in place while it is being juiced.

Panasonic MJ-DJ01S is elegant, modern and efficient juice extractor. The juicer from the house of Panasonic not only comes with plenty of features but also works well in all aspects. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-quality juicer for your home, Panasonic MJ-DJ01S Juicer 1.5l 800w Juice Extractor, Stainless Steel, 220v is a great deal at $154.99.

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