If you are looking for a perfect appliance to keep your drink hot or cold for hours, an electric airpot is an ideal option for you! An electric airpot is a portable vacuum insulated hot drinks dispenser with a hygienic stainless steel interior. It is a great appliance that lets you prepare all types of drinks like instant tea, coffee, and even water. You can use it at home and office too.

With so many options of electric airpots flooding in the market, it can be really challenging to select the best one. But if you need an affordable and efficient airpot, EWI TMEPA427SS electric airpot is a perfect choice for your home or office.

The first thing to notice about EWI’s airpot is its attractive features and unique design. This appliance is a great complement to your kitchen style. You can also use this elegant product to gift your closed ones and even employees. Various aspects and features make this kitchen appliance perfect for busy people. Some features are mentioned below that will let you to know why EWI TMEPA427SS Electric Airpot 220-240 Volt/ 50-60 Hz is the right electric airport for you.

360-degree rotary base

An electric airpot from the house of reputable brand EWI comes with 360 rotating base which ensures easy access to hot water from any angle. Besides, you can easily see how much water you are filling in the pot. Thanks to its water level gauge.

Dispensing function

With air pressure and soft-touch electric dispensing system, you can easily fill up any pot.  EWI TMEPA427SS is designed with dechlorinated reboil function which prevents spilling and accidental pouring during serving and boiling.

4.2L Capacity

Thoughtfully designed, this airpot is perfect for parties and entertainment as it has 4.2L capacity. With its powerful insulation, this kitchen appliance keeps your drinks hot all day long.

Easy cleaning

With a detectable lid and other removable parts, cleaning is a breeze. Also, the design of EWI’s airpot is dishwasher safe so you can clean it without any hassles after performing the drink boiling functions.

Easy to carry handle

EWI TMEPA427SS electric airpot is equipped with a convenient carry handle. Therefore, you can transport it effortlessly from one point to another.

Robust structure

EWI designed this electric airpot by using premium-quality stainless steel material. It has a strong structure and is durable enough to last longer. Additionally, its hair-line polished stainless steel finishing adds a striking look to this appliance. And this product is a perfect complement to your kitchen countertops.

Advanced safety features

EWI TMEPA427SS Electric Airpot 220-240 Volt/ 50-60 Hz is equipped with safety technology for excellent durability.  For added safety, this product has an indicator LED lamp, smooth water flow spout and high power performance.

All in all, EWI TMEPA427SS Electric Airport T 220-240 VOLT/ 50-60 HZ is one of the best electric airpot for both home and office use. We find it more useful and efficient than other airpots. Its ease of use and innovative design make this appliance unique.

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