Bosch professional 06018b5000 GOP 28 Multi-Cutter is a professional tool from Bosch. It has a rugged material housing for more durability and long life. This product takes minimal space in the workshop due to its compact design. This tool is large enough to cover the needs of a small to medium-sized cutting tasks.

This multi-cutter from the house of Bosch is known to provide exceptional performance. This product includes ergonomically designed accessories that offer optimum comfort and stability, even during heavy-duty cutting operations to help lighten your load. With its new Starlock plus, this product delivers better performance and fast work progress. Several unique features and specifications make this cutter a great buy and perfect value for money.

Let’s take a look at what this Bosch professional 06018b5000 GOP 28 multi-cutter offers

12V battery, fast charger for long-lasting power

The professional multi-cutter from the reliable brand Bosch uses a 12V battery with unmatched battery runtime. In fact, it has the most advanced lithium-ion battery available in the market today. This tool also comes with a fast charger that allows more battery charges and provides long runtime without memory effect. Before charging is complete, you can take the battery out of the charger. Significantly less self-discharge, protection from overheating and overload and no loss of power from the first to the last screw or holes are the benefits of this tool’s 12V battery.

Well-balanced and compact design for easy handling

This tool is available in 15.5 x 44 x 36 cm dimension and 998 g weight. So, this multi-cutter from Bosch brand can be easily fitted in tight spaces and corners while performing applications like cutting, grinding or sanding. Its ergonomic design with a small perimeter and small soft grip handle provide comfortable and easy handling.

Blades to suit a variety of jobs

This battery powered multi-cutter tool is available with different type of blades such as Starlock BIM diving saw blade AII 65 APB, Starlock BIM diving saw blade AII 65 BSPB, Starlock HCS diving saw blades AIZ 32 EPC, Starlock BIM diving saw blade AIZ 20AB, Starlock BIM segment saw blade ACZ 85 EB and Starlock sanding plate AVZ 93 G. So you can cut wood, metal, and hardwood easily. It is perfect for cutting, sanding, grinding, polishing and other finishing tasks.

Other features of Bosch professional 06018B5000 GOP 28 multi-cutter:

  • Star Lock Plus for more work progress
  • Sturdy frame, speed pre-selection and durable, brushless motor
  • Snap-in function for tool-free accessory change in 3 seconds
  • 3D interface for low-loss power transmission from the device to the accessory


We are pleased with every aspect and features of this tool, from its design to its performance. It is used for completing a number of tasks. As the first professional multi-cutter tool to hit the market, we give big thumbs up to Bosch professional 06018B5000 GOP 28 multi-cutter. If you are interested in the highest quality finishing job experience available, this is the model you need to pick up.

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