Reduce Your Energy Costs with Voltage Transformers

You can use a single voltage device when you have a voltage transformer. It will be safer and better for your energy costs, too. A voltage transformer can make your electronics work, especially if they were purchased in another country with a different electrical standard. These tips should help you find the right voltage transformer and make sure that you can reduce your energy consumption when you use one.

  • Know the wattage of the device, so you can choose the right voltage converter for it. Your device should have a label that indicates the wattage.


  • For safety buy a voltage transformer with a wattage rating that is around three or two times higher than the device that you intend to operate.
  • When in doubt or you cannot tell the wattage of your device, get a voltage converter with a wattage that is much higher than your device.


  • Some electronics and devices experience a huge power surge when switched on. Laser printer, power tools, and TVs are examples of these. They require a voltage transformer with a wattage rate that is three times greater than what they have. For example, a 500W power tool needs a 1500W converter for successful and safe conversion.
  • Take note of the devices that needs power in your home. If you cannot determine their wattage, check for amps and find the voltage. Multiple them to get the wattage.


  • Some devices may need more than converter. They might need a voltage regulator, too, especially if the voltage is unstable in your area. If you are not sure about your area’s power supply, get a voltage regulator or surge protector.
  • You need a step down transformer if you are using 110 volt devices in 220 volt country. If you are using a 220 volt appliance in a 110 country, get a step up transformer. If you own both 110 volt and 220 devices, consider buying a voltage transformer that supports both step up and step down.

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