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Buying a PAL DVD recorder is a good idea if you want to be able to enjoy entertainment from parts of the world that use Phase Alternation by Line (PAL) playback and broadcast standards. A majority of the countries in the world use the PAL format mainly because of its higher picture quality. Note that DVDs made using PAL formatted DVD recorders are not compatible with NTSC players. Be sure to match PAL-compatible recorders with PAL DVDs as NTSC discs will only work with NTSC-compatible devices. The NTSC format is used mainly in North America and some parts of Asia (notably Korea and Japan). If you are determined to use your recorder to play any formats, choose a recorder with a built-in converter. You may also be able to install a converter into your DVD recorder.

There are generally two types of DVD recorders: (1) installed and (2) standalone. Installed DVD recorders are the ones you will find in computer systems today. They are more commonly referred to as DVD burners. Though they are mostly used to save data, they can also create good quality DVDs for entertainment. In fact, the best drive and software combinations allow users to create near commercial quality DVDs.  Stand-Alone PAL DVD recorders are mostly seen in home media systems and are used for watching television programs, movies, or to play some music. Standalone PAL DVD recorders today are able to play DVD and mini DVD formats as well as Blu-ray discs.

Many manufacturers from all over the world have their own design when it comes to DVD recorders. There are also many different features, some of which you might want to have.  For example, some DVD recorders come with USB ports, allowing them to play video and sound files from your computer. Don’t forget to look for flexible recording speeds.

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