Learn About Travel Voltage Converters

Voltage converters have a very specific application, and you may not have found a reason to use them until now. But if you frequently travel outside of the country, you know how important 220-volts converters are. So, for those unfamiliar with these devices, this guide will help you get to know them better.


What you should know about 220-volts converters

  • Why do you need them?

In simple terms, voltage converters are used to transform a device’s input voltage to your required output voltage. They are popular among frequent travelers, and this is because different countries have different voltage standards.

For example, Americans are used to plugging 110V appliances into a 110V socket. However, if you do this in a country with 220V outlets, such as Hong Kong or Chile, your device will draw more power than it needs. Then, the appliance could burn out or become permanently damaged.

So, to avoid the dangers of plugging a 110V appliance into a 220V outlet and vice versa, you need a reliable voltage converter.

  • How they work

Converters can function in two ways: stepping up or down. If you are traveling from a 110V region like the USA to a 220V country like Hong Kong, you need a step-down converter to take the voltage from 110 to 220. If the opposite applies, then you should look for a step-up converter.

Fortunately, you don’t need to buy separate systems if you intend to use a converter both ways. Some models can step up and down, saving you time and money.

  • How to choose the right converter

You should also consider your power requirements before buying a converter. To determine this, you only need to find the wattage of the appliances you intend to power. Then, buy a converter with a wattage rating two to three times higher than your requirements.

For example, if your total wattage requirement is 1000W, find a converter rated at 2000W or more.


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