Know About the Range of 240-Volt Drills Available

What tools do you need to build a new fence? How about the proper equipment for demolition? Different tasks require different tools, but looking through the numerous types of 240-volt drills can be a little confusing. Here’s a guide on finding the right one for your needs.

The different types of 240-volt drills

There are two major types of drills: coded and cordless. As their names suggest, one requires a power cord to function, while the other runs on batteries. They are designed to bore holes into plastic, wood, or metal using rotation or a chipping motion.

Furthermore, drills can be divided according to their function:

  • Hammer drill

Hammer drills function similarly to standard drill drivers; however, they have an extra feature known as a hammer mechanism. This feature allows the tool to vibrate back and forth, making it ideal for boring concrete, masonry, and other hard surfaces.

  • Impact driver

Impact drivers are known for their adaptability. This is because they come with a variety of hex chucks, supporting everything from spade bits to twist bits. Like hammer drills, they use a rotating hammer mechanism to penetrate surfaces, widely preferred by construction experts who want to complete more tasks in less time.

  • Core drill

Core drills are more commonly used on the construction site than at home. They are large and heavy, requiring more expertise to handle. However, unlike its cousins, the core drill does not use a hammering, chipping, or driving mechanism to bore into a surface. Instead, it relies on a simple spinning motion to create a core in large areas of concrete.

  • Screwdriver

Although manual screwdrivers are more commonly used, power screwdrivers offer a time-saving alternative. They can remove small screws within a few seconds, which is ideal for electrical applications.

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