Importance of a 220v Refrigerator

If you’re moving abroad, where 220 volts is the standard, you’ll need to ensure you have the appliances that won’t give you any trouble and ensure your health and safety. One of these is the 220v refrigerator, a must-have in any kitchen. Without one, food will perish faster and become more prone to growing bacteria, which can cause food poisoning. A fridge is an essential appliance that helps keep your food safe and fresher much longer.

Is it really necessary?

Most people do not realize the importance of a refrigerator until there’s an extended power outage, which causes much of their food inside the fridge to spoil or deteriorate in quality. You wouldn’t want to keep storing your food in a typical icebox, too, as the capacity is limited, and you’ll need to keep refilling it with new ice.

With a 220v refrigerator, you can preserve food properly, especially leftovers and perishables. One of the purposes of refrigeration; is to slow bacterial growth, which occurs under favorable temperatures where moisture and nutrients are. Bacteria thrive faster in temperatures ranging from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. With a fridge set below 40 degrees; most food can be protected and preserved.

Avoid spoilage and food poisoning

It doesn’t take long for bacteria to affect the quality of food left at room temperature. For instance, opened milk typically spoils in two to three hours if it’s not refrigerated. However, refrigerating milk may keep it fresh for up to a week because cold temperatures decrease bacteria activity.

If you have leftovers, you can safely store them in your 220v refrigerator to keep them in good condition and prevent spoilage. Leaving them out at room temperature or exposed to heat encourages bacterial growth, making them toxic to eat.

Better technology

New models of 220v refrigerators come with energy-saving features and qualities that make them more efficient in cooling and preserving food and beverages. For instance, there’s a 220v refrigerator that can dispense cold water and ice. Most fridges come with a freezer, too, so you can store meats, deli, and other frozen goods properly.

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