How to Use Electric Cooking Plate Safely?

People buy electric cooking plates because they are more convenient to use. But while these appliances are generally safe, they can still cause harm and injury if used improperly or if the user does not observe precautions. Below are some of the most important safety tips to keep in mind if you have electric cooking plates in the kitchen.

1. Use your back burners.

Aside from keeping the pot handles away from the reach of the kids while cooking, there’s another valuable safety tip to follow: Use only the back burners whenever possible. In this set-up, the hot pots are further from the edge and away from children’s reach. 

2. Wipe stuff splashes and splatters from the electric cooking plates as soon as you can.

Don’t let them sit in on the electric cooking plate’s surface. Otherwise, they’ll be harder to remove. They can also potentially cause a fire, especially if they are greasy.

3. Understand the temperature settings of your cooking plates

Before turning on your hot plate, make sure that you understand its temperature settings. Keep in mind that the settings vary across brands and models. And it is also harder to determine if you are cooking at the right heating temperature since you won’t see flames.

4. Make sure to turn off the electric cooking plates after cooking.

Some people forget to turn their electric cooking plates off after cooking. Others don’t even realize that the unit is still working and make the mistake of touching the heating elements and injuring themselves. All these can be prevented if you make it a habit to see to it that the electric cooking plates are properly turned off after each use.

Another reason for electric stove accidents cases is stove malfunction. This can be easily avoided by buying your cooking plate from a reliable brand and supplier. Electric cooking plates manufactured by trusted brands not only perform better—they are also equipped with safety features.

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