How to Buy the Best 110-Volt to 220-Volt Converter Online?

Step-up converters change the voltage output from 110-volts to 220-volts. People living in the US don’t see the need of using these converters since most of their appliances and gadgets are 110-volts, and the standard voltage in the country is also 110-volts.

However, those who have 220-volt appliances which came from Europe and Asia heed step-up converters to efficiently use them in the US. Some people argue that connecting 220-volt appliances to a 110-volt power supply is fine. Since they don’t receive too much voltage or current, they are not at risk of overheating or causing a fire. This is true—but it is also a fact that 220-volt appliances or gadgets won’t run efficiently when plugged in the 110-volt power supply. This can result in poor performance and damages.

Step-up converters are a must-have when traveling. However, you must understand that not all step-up converters on the market can meet your needs. How do you choose the right one? Here are some tips.

  1. Determine the wattage of your appliances to pick the right size of a voltage converter.

This rule applies to both step-up and step-down converters. You should never run an appliance with a higher wattage requirement than the converter’s size. This can damage both the appliance and the converter. To determine the right size, compute the total watts of your 220-volt appliances. If the total is 380 watts, then you should buy a 500-watt converter. Also, remember to choose a converter with a higher wattage when running power tools, motors, and TVs.

  1. Buy only from a reliable online store.

The wise consumer is always extra careful when purchasing any electronic products online. To check the reputation of the online store, look at the products and brands they have. Aside from these, you should also find out about their store policies. A reliable and credible online store partners with the leading brands of step-up converters, promising durability, and best performance. They have fair store policies and secure payment methods, ensuring their customer’s convenience and protection when shopping.

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