How Functional Is the New Black and Decker Handy Steamer?

Black and Decker is a popular brand of residential and commercial power tools and appliances. It is known for manufacturing reliable and functional products, specifically kitchen appliances. One of its best performing kitchen appliances is the new Black and Decker Handy Steamer. How can this humble steam help you in your cooking?

Easy and convenient food steaming

Unlike steamers from other brands, Black and Decker Handy Steamer has a transparent window. It is designed that way so you can see the food you are cooking inside without opening the lid, allowing an uninterrupted steaming process. It will be easy to find out if the food is already cooked or it still needs to stay in there longer. By looking through the transparent window, you’ll know if you need to add water through the exterior inlet, too.

Increases kitchen efficiency

The Black and Decker Handy Steamer has an adjustable steaming timer that can steam food up to 75 minutes continuously. Simply set the steaming time and leave it alone without worrying about under-cooking or over-steaming. The appliance will shut off automatically.

Enrich the flavors of dishes

Another amazing feature of this steamer is its built-in flavor scenter screen. You can easily enhance the flavors of the food you make by simply adding any spices or herbs. To help you cook like a pro, this unit comes with suggested flavoring guide, too. With this steamer, you can turn your ordinary dish into something special. 

Perfect for beginners

Black and Decker Handy Steamer is indeed handy, helping beginners cook with ease. The unit doesn’t come fully assembled. Nevertheless, it is so easy to put the pieces together in seconds. Once you’ve completely assembled it, you can start using it immediately. Fill the water reservoir then turn it on. Place the vegetables, rice, fish, or meat that you want to steam and wait for it to get cooked. You can have a flavorful dish in as fast as 15 minutes.

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