Front Load vs. Top Load Washer – Which One to Choose?

Selecting a new washer often means having to choose between a top loading machine and a front loading model.  Read on to help demystify the task of selecting the right washer. In this blog, we also highlight the differences between these machine types so you can choose which one is best for you.

Top loading washers have a rotating motion, which is facilitated by a central agitator that spins your clothes in a circular fashion. This is a powerful movement that is good for cleaning clothes but can be harsh on delicate articles of clothing. Front loading washers operate using a tumbling motion that more closely simulates hand washing and can be gentler on clothes, making them ideal for washing delicate garments.

In terms of water use, most modern washers are rated to be very efficient and can handle large volumes of wash loads with the optimum amount of water use. However, some front loading machines are capable of utilizing less water per load compared to top loading machines, which can use up to 3 times more water than the equivalent top loading model. Front load washing machines are also more energy efficient, as they have less volume to move around and require less power compared to top loading washing machines.

Maintenance wise, top loaders are better as they have simpler and smaller agitator as a moving part, compared to front loading machines that have a large rotating drum. In terms of price, front loading automatic machines tend to be more expensive compared to top loading ones.

Front loading machines are ideal for smaller spaces because of their compact size and layout, which makes them easier to access. Top loading washers tend to take up more room as they cannot be stacked. Front loading machines are also easier to access compared to top loading machines because of the way they are orientated, making it easier to put in and take out clothes compared to a top loading machine.

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